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Top 20 Low Cost Biomedical Engineering Schools For Out of State Students Living On Campus

Listed below are twenty of the least costly Biomedical Engineering Programs in the 2009-2010 academic year for out of state students. Costs are reported for the full year.  Low cost does not necessarily mean a low quality program.  It may just mean that the school is in a state with a low cost of living or subsidizes education expenses.  Interested students and parents will need to refer to additional resources to decide whether any of these schools offer a cost effective solution for their particular needs.

Even with easy availability of student loans cost is a major factor in choosing a program for most people. Although there is a higher than average growth in demand for graduates in this field jobs can be difficult to find with only a Bachelor of Science degree. The reality is that even engineering graduates must sometimes lower their expectations depending on employer needs at the time they graduate.  In any case a graduate’s debt can be predicted much more readily than job prospects at graduation.  Most bachelor of science programs offer a similar set of course options in their curricula.  This is not surprising given that new programs tend to use existing programs as models.  ABET accreditation also tends to homogenize the offerings.  Assuming a considerable degree of homogeneity between baccalaureate level programs the only other factors I find important in determining which program is looking out for the student are co-op/internship opportunities and job placement statistics.

If the Biomedical Engineering Program can provide statistics demonstrating a better than average placement of its graduates in engineering positions a case might be made for taking on a higher debt.  A demonstrated ability to place students in quality co-op or internship opportunities may also influence a decision to go for a higher priced education.  I would suggest that a Biomedical Engineering undergraduate engineer spend as many of their summers as possible performing any manufacturing related job they can get if they can’t get an internship or a co-op opportunity in their field. In my experience students who perform well in co-ops or internships or have manufacturing experience typically stand a very good chance of being hired when they graduate or placed high on the list of prospective candidates for future consideration if the company does not have any open positions.

NOTE: The cost listed below is for students living out of state and includes tuition and fees, books and supplies, on campus room and board, and other on campus expenses.

Institution Name Yearly Cost
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology $19,040
Louisiana Tech University $20,931
University of Central Oklahoma $23,428
The University of Texas at San Antonio $25,233
University of Alabama at Birmingham $25,451
University of Houston $25,707
Mississippi State University $25,741
The University of Texas at Arlington $25,829
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $26,052
Florida Atlantic University $26,116
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College $26,491
Stony Brook University $26,670
SUNY at Binghamton $27,075
CUNY City College $28,230
University of Idaho $28,560
University of Kentucky $28,738
Wayne State University $28,884
North Carolina State University at Raleigh $29,200
University of South Florida-Main Campus $29,736
University of Oklahoma Norman Campus $29,771

NOTE: To see more information about graduation class size, and potential for internships in the immediate area of a school copy the school’s name from the list above, click the following link and paste the name into the provided search box.

The Academic Program Information Resource

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